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Group dog training:

  1. You can refer to the group training schedule to see when we’ll be in your area here: Group Training Schedule
  2. Once  you find the date of the class you want to book, you can get your tickets on the calendar here: Book Your Group Dog Training Class
  3. If you have any questions or need help with your order, reach out to the team here.

Please Note: As The Dog Daddy gets millions of views on social media, the address of the training will be sent to class registrants via email 1-2 days before the date of the class due to safety reasons.

My group trainings aren’t the typical puppy classes, this class is for all dogs of any age above 4 months old, any breed and all types of personalities.

My classes are a combination of dog training seminar and individual hands on training with each client.

So the bottom line is that I will work with you and your dog on the particular things that YOU need/want and ask me to teach.

If your dog is reactive, high strung, hard to handle, and you think they’re impossible to be trained, that’s ok I’ll be able to teach you how to get them to calm down pretty quickly once you’re there. You’ll receive information on how to keep working with your dog to reinforce what you learned in class.

With all this being said please come to class with an open mind, and ready to learn. Most of the owners that come to my classes have been struggling with their dogs even after trying multiple different trainers. My time in each city is very limited, so we all work together in a group setting.

Most dog trainers can teach obedience, so the clients who get the most out of my seminars have dogs that are reactive/aggressive and have issues like leash pulling, barking and lunging towards people, other dogs or things, excessive barking, jumping up, anxiety or shyness because this requires more specialized skills, methods and experience.

Because there is very limited availability of training classes, we have a “No Refund Policy” all sales are final. 

If you have any questions about group training classes, reach out to the team here for help. 

The cost to attend a group class is $400. There is an option to add an additional dog from your household for $100 (use the drop down arrow to add a dog during the booking process). If bringing more than 2 dogs for training, an additional class ticket would need to be purchased in order to keep class size manageable and a great experience for everyone.

Yes! We have observer tickets available for each city we visit. You can buy tickets here: Class Observation Tickets (attend without a dog)

Observer tickets are for the individual ticket holder only. (Each observer needs their own ticket and no dogs are allowed to attend on an observer ticket.) Observers must be over the age of 12.

My schedule is determined months in advance, but sometimes I fit a new city onto the schedule a little last minute, so keep checking back often. You can also add your name to our list here, and we’ll notify you by email when we’ll be coming to your area. Also keep an eye on my Instagram (@thedogdaddyofficial) for announcements.

You can see the current group training schedule here.

Yes, contact us here and we will add you to the waitlist. We will contact you if a new class is added.

Private dog training:

Private lessons are currently available in Los Angeles only. These lessons take place in-home or another designated location within Los Angeles County.

With my private lessons you get me exclusively for up to 1.5 hours, depending on the needs of your dog. This option covers any and all dogs in your household.

During our time, we will work on every aspect of training that you and your dog may need. You can request whatever type of training you want to do, and I will make suggestions as well, and we will work together as a team.

The cost of a private lesson is $1,500.

Because there is very limited availability for private training, we have a “No Refund Policy” all sales are final.

You can book your private lesson here.

If you have any questions about private lessons, reach out here for help.

Please note that private lessons are  currently only available in Los Angeles, CA.

You can book your private lesson here.

You can contact us here and we’ll add you to the waitlist. We will contact you if spots are added.

5-Day Course for Dog Trainers

My 5-day course to train the trainers is here! I designed this course to give dog trainers, dog groomers, veterinarians, staff, and anyone who handles dogs a means to understand dog behavior and learn techniques that help both the handler and the dog get through to each other and work better together. This is an in-depth, immersive experience into the exact techniques I use to handle even the most difficult dogs and that have helped save and create better lives for thousands of dogs.

Other FAQs

Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page. (If you don’t see the shopping cart icon, go back to the home page at dogdaddyy.com and you will see it.)

Once you’re on the cart page, you’ll be able to X out any extra items you don’t want from your cart. If you continue to have any trouble, email us.

Due to the significant costs and planning involved, we have a strict no refunds policy and all sales are final. You may be entitled, however, to a credit towards a future training session if notice of cancellation is provided at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled training session by contacting us here.

Dog Daddy Helps When Others Can't

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