Available Positions

If you love Dog Daddy’s mission of helping dogs and owners all over the world and want to be a part of making that happen, please read on.

Personal Assistant (LA Relocation + Travel Required)

We’re looking for an experienced high-level personal assistant to manage Dog Daddy’s day-to-day. The right person for this role is high-energy and highly organized who can keep up with him and who can also run a tight ship. This person will be DD’s right hand so they must be able to relocate and will also travel with DD. 


You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you:

  • naturally pay high attention to detail
  • are someone who your friends and family know they can always rely on
  • have the smarts to troubleshoot and solve any issues or challenges that may arise and the common sense to know what’s best in a given situation
  • are familiar with the rigors of travel but you love it and have mastered how to efficiently manage it all
  • are someone who doesn’t mind frequent change and can adapt to any situation
  • are super organized and can anticipate needs before being asked
  • are friendly, easy-going, and a great communicator, but also demonstrate discretion as appropriate
  • can see the big picture and distill it into the small details that help make it happen
  • LOVE dogs and are as passionate about our mission as we are


 What you’ll be doing:
  • In a nutshell, you’ll be keeping Dog Daddy’s busy and demanding lifestyle organized and running like a well-oiled machine and facilitating his day-to-day commitments and projects:
    • Working closely with other team members on behalf of DD
    • Handling travel arrangements, bookings, etc.
    • Helping as needed at classes
    • Rolling up your sleeves to help as needed
  • Anything that is part of Dog Daddy’s life, you’ll be involved in.

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