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From basic to advanced obedience and more, Dog Daddy trains even the most reactive, aggressive, and high strung dogs so you can live your best lives together.


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“Excellent leash. So comfortable and feels so safe. Love it!”

In-depth training for dog trainers and dog handlers

5 full days of in-depth study with Dog Daddy learning his proven methods and insights from his work with thousands of dogs. Gain hands-on experience with dogs of various breeds, ages, sizes, temperaments and backgrounds to expand your skills and confidence in handling your dogs and any dogs you work with.

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Dog Daddy
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Attend a seminar with your dog for training or as an observer and learn from the best!

Who is Dog Daddy?

Welcome to The Dog Daddy

9 out of 10 Dog Daddy clients report back that they received MORE help and knowledge in a single session with The Dog Daddy than they had received after months of training with other dog trainers.

My seminars aren’t the typical puppy classes, this is for all dogs of any age above 4 months old, any breed and all types of personalities.

These sessions are a combination of dog training seminar and workshop with each client. So the bottom line is that I will work with you and your dog on the particular things that YOU need/want and ask me to teach.

If your dog is reactive, high strung, hard to handle, and you think they’re impossible to be trained, that’s ok. I’ll be able to teach you how to get them to calm down pretty quickly once you’re there.

With all this being said please come to the seminar with an open mind, and ready to learn. Most of the owners that come to my sessions have been struggling with their dogs even after trying multiple different trainers. My time in each city is very limited, so we all work together in a group setting.

Things that you can expect us to work on are but not limited to, basic and advanced obedience – leash manners, sit, down, stay, leave it, recall (all more towards advanced, more impressive level)
Behavior modification for leash pulling, barking and lunging towards people, other dogs or things, excessive barking, jumping up, anxiety, shyness, and much more!

I look forward to seeing you and your dogs in your city this year.


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The Dog Daddy as seen in the news, YouTube and TikTok. The Dog Daddy is one of the most sought after dog trainers in the world with millions of views on his YouTube channel and billions on TikTok and hundreds of thousand followers across social media.

Dog Daddy with his client Tayler Holder (artist, TikTok star)

Dog Daddy with his client Harry Jowsey from the TV show too hot to handle

Dog Daddy with his client Kouvr, Tom and Mia at the Hype House. (TikTok stars, as seen on Netflix)

Dog Daddy with his client Griffin Johnson (TikTok star)

The Dog Daddy Walks 5 Dogs Off Leash.

Pack of dogs walking off leash on Hollywood Blvd. Pack leader, The Dog Daddy walking 5 German Shepherds off leash.

Real Results

Our testimonials from my clients from around the world!

Augusto has an amazing ability to gain a dog's trust in a matter of minutes. My young Borzoi was extremely timid and would shy away from people and other dogs. During class today Augusto had my Borzoi relaxed and laying down right next to his German Shepherd - which is a miracle. Augusto is truly a gifted trainer!
Linda Vallejo
We were honored to have Augusto the Dog Trainer (The Dog Daddy) come to our house for a private lesson. Jake and I have had basic obedience training from several different trainers, with the concept that kind of training would be THE answer. But Augusto quickly figured out the root of Jake's issues AND MINE. He spent many hours training both Jake and I. This is the first time I truly feel hopeful in knowing I have good techniques to practice with. As a bonus he worked with my daughter’s dog and mine together so they can get along better. ❣️ Meeting his dog Owen was pretty awesome too! 😊
Jennifer Young
Yesterday’s training was everything I was hoping for in training my dog with Dog Daddy and MORE!! My boyfriend and I were in awe when Dog Daddy got our German Shepherd to submit immediately and look so calm. We were in a park with many distractions, and we have never seen our dog so focused and obedient in a high distraction setting. Our dog’s reactivity when seeing other dogs is an overwhelming experience and it has limited the outdoor activities we want to do with our dog. In just one session, Dog Daddy has changed all that for us!! Dog Daddy is truly a miracle worker and a dog whisperer. Thanks to Dog Daddy’s thorough training, we can FINALLY walk our dog in peace around other dogs. I’m in total shock that this was possible in one session, and it completely attests to Dog Daddy’s gifted abilities and expertise. Thank you so much Dog Daddy! You have changed our lives and Bonnie will have a lot more fun now ♥️✨
Vanessa Garcia

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